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Care Level: Easy
Color: Blue, Red, Tan, White, Yellow
Diet: Carnivore
Max Size: 3.5"
Minimum Tank Size: 50 Gallons
Origin: Indonesia
Reef Safe: Yes
Scientific Name: Cirrhilabrus Lubbocki
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive


Lubbock's wrasse, Cirrhilabrus lubbocki, is a species of wrasse native to coral reefs of the Philippines and the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, though it also has been claimed to be present in Malaysia, Japan, and Palau. It can be found at depths from 13 to 148 ft, though rarely deeper than 98 ft. This species can reach a total length of 3.1 in.

Its diet consists of frozen mysis, brine shrimp, and other meaty foods, as well dry marine flake and pellet foods.

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