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Care Level: Moderate
Color: Black. Blue, White, Yellow
Diet: Omnivore
Max Size: 15"
Minimum Tank Size: 100 Gallons
Origin: Africa, Fiji, Indonesia, Maldives, New Caledonia, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu
Reef Safe: With Caution
Scientific Name: Pomacanthus Imperator
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive


The emperor angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator, is a species of marine angelfish. It is a reef-associated fish, native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from the Red Sea to Hawaii and the Austral Islands. It ranges from coastal East Africa and the Red Sea in the west, to the Tuamotu Islands and Line Islands. 

Juveniles are dark blue with electric blue and white rings; adults have yellow and blue stripes, with black around the eyes. It takes about 24 to 30 months for an emperor angelfish to acquire its adult coloring. They grow to 15.75 inches in length.

Its diet consists of meaty foods such as shrimp, clams scallops, etc., as well as spirulina and marine algae.

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